Native Mountain Farm is owned and loved by Natasha and Julie Blair. After years of working in non-profit and family law, Natasha and Julie finally turned the dream of becoming a Farmer-Florist into reality. As the daughter of a landscaper and tree farmer, you could say that our love of plants was inevitable. Natasha loves growing, nurturing and creating beauty. Julie has owned Bear Springs for over 30 years farmed the land with her late husband and now has the joy of planting with her son and daughter-in-law. Watching the land come alive again with her son and now grandchildren is a special blessing Julie never expected. Together, Natasha and Julie balance a love of nature, hard work, creating beauty and spreading joy at the farm. They believe that flowers make the world a more beautiful, enjoyable place and are inspired by the way a fresh bouquet of flowers lights up someone’s entire face. Natasha loves creating lush, seasonally-inspired arrangements for weddings and special events with their gorgeous farm fresh flowers, and Julie is always behind the scenes helping to make it all run smoothly. Native Mountain Farm is truly our labor of love..

mountain fresh flowers ~ grown with love


We are the proud owners of a 36 acre farm in Boonsboro just 25 minutes from downtown Frederick. Formerly a cattle and dairy farm, we are slowly transitioning the land to a sustainable flower farm. With its lush pastures, gently wooded hillsides and mountain views, this farm is our dream come true. We are dedicated to growing only specialty and heirloom varieties ~ producing high quality, organic, fragrant blooms is our priority. By focusing on intensive planting, soil fertility, plant health and succession planting, we grow an impressive amount of flowers on a small amount of cultivated land. We are passionate about flowers and believe they make the world a more beautiful place!


Did you know that 80% of the cut flowers sold in the USA are imported from other counties? This means that your flowers have traveled thousands of miles to reach your table, often cut weeks before you even buy them, and are typically drenched in chemicals to help them survive the journey. Similar to the growth of the local food movement, conscious consumers are catching on and choosing local and American Grown flowers. 


Our flowers are harvested fresh each morning and typically delivered to you the same day. By providing our flowers with fresh, clean water they should last over a week in the vase. They are pesticide-free and safe for all family members (2 and 4-legged) in your home. The offerings of Native Mountain Farm change with each week, month and season. Our season begins with daffodils in the spring and ends with dahlias in the fall, with all sorts of loveliness in between.